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2 New Habits

Naturally, in the new year our minds are set to the future. It is no surprise that this year I--just like many of you--have been thinking about habits to start this year. I have a couple to share that are clear and measurable, along with the purpose and plan I have for each one. Sharing it to the public will help keep me accountable.

  1. Write 250 words a day, every day. If I stuck to this, I would write over 90,000 words in 2022. Because I know I will miss a few days here and there, I have a dual goal: while aiming to hit the 250 word target each day, I will aim at writing 80,000 word's total in 2022. I made a excel sheet to will help me keep track as I go, monitoring word count and total percentage toward my goal. As of today, I am at 1,373 words which comes out to be 1.72% of my word-count goal for the year. Woohoo! School will provide me with plenty of papers to write, and I plan to continue writing for the blog. On top of this, reading Lord of the Rings has motivated me to dabble into fiction. Daily writing will, Lord willing, contribute to all three of these arenas of writing. I love to think about how to say things well through writing, so I want to dedicate time to hone the craft, not just as a daily box to check, but as an ever-growing lifestyle of writing.

  2. Practice German for 10 minutes a day, every day. In sixth grade I learned about the Holocaust for the first time. Soon after, I read The Book Thief. It sent me on a trajectory of intrigue regarding both Germany as a nation and culture, and World War II. Discovering the history of the Reformation during college and its origins in Germany only added fuel to the interest. We have also made some close friends from Heidelberg, Germany. And the cherry on top is that Kasey took two years of German in high school! These are just the tip-of-the-iceberg reasons I have wanted to learn German. As you can tell its been a consistent desire--time to do something about it! Have you heard of Duolingo? It is a user-friendly language-learning app I have been using since this summer. I want to be more consistent, so I'll use this app along with another excel sheet to check off days when I have done a lesson. I will also continue slowly working through German Quickly when I have time. School rightly takes priority over this, but I want to learn German. A few minutes a day should take me pretty far. There are other languages I would like to learn, so Lord willing this will be the start of a life of language learning.

I don't want to write and learn German for the next 360 days just to say I did it--I hope that is clear. I want to cultivate these desires the Lord has put on my heart as well has overall patterns of discipline in my life. These aren't the only things I plan on working on going forward. I have plans and prayers for my walk with Christ overall, habits for the family to strive for, and growth as an employee and student. Overall, I want to cultivate godliness and greater love and obedience to the Lord. The two habit-goals of writing and language learning may only play a small part, but I believe they do nonetheless.

My hope is not in the goals, ultimately. They wont save me or ensure my life is changed for the better. Whether I meet these goals or not, what matters more is whether I am hoping in Christ as my savior, living as he has called me to live. May these goals only serve me in that purpose. And may this year be another one in which I grow to understand more of Christ's love for me and love him more in return.

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