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Adventures with Emmett

The Myers ladies were out with friends this morning, so Emmett and I had some guys time.

After breakfast we built a train track and played with some of Emmett’s trains. The trains and tracks were given to us by friends, and they have been a huge blessing. A new track is built almost every morning. It keeps us all thinking creatively—Emmett especially!

Afterwards, we went for a walk. And because we are Texans, we are sensitive to the cold and bundled up. We have matching beanies, which is fun!

Emmett grabbed a walking stick and we walked and talked around our neighborhood. I enjoy being outside, and thankfully I think we have passed that on to Emmett too. I hope to pass on to our kids the truth that God's design is evident in nature. So trees, clouds, animals and more are all things I point out to Emmett on our strolls. He is pretty curious and observant on his own too. Personally, I love to worship the Lord while considering his hand in creation. It is good for my soul. I want Emmett to benefit from that too.

Emmett couldn't pass the play ground without stopping by his favorite feature.

Then we came back inside and Emmett picked out a book to read. There was definitely some more nature for us to appreciate in this one!

Over the past few months we have been feeding the squirrels and birds in our back yard. When my parents came, my dad bought this squirrel feeder for us, so Emmett and I refilled it with some corn.

I also built this little contraption to feed bird-feed to whatever animal (except stray cats) will take it. I am no handy-man, but I'm proud of it. It makes for fun times in the kitchen when the animals stop by. I need to say that some friends had this idea first, and made a way better feeder than I did. But hey, it does the trick!

Here is Emmett enjoying a squirrel-sighting from a hew weeks ago.

Emmett is now napping hard after a busy morning of fun. Thanks for tagging along!

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