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Beignets (Ben-yays)

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Kasey and I made some beignets last night! We wondered why funnel cake feels like cheap fair food and beignets seem fancy, even though they are both basically the same thing.

It was a simple recipe with not too many ingredients. Here is the recipe we used. It only took us about 30 minutes!

Hers is Kasey checking the temperature of the vegetable oil we used to fry the dough. We didn’t realize how hot the oil really needed to be in order fry the dough—375 degrees (Fahrenheit, for our metric-system friends)! You will see what made us think harder about the temperature later...

While it was heating, Kase started making the batter.

We added some eggs to make the batter smoother.

Once it was hot enough, it was time to start frying! It was tough to keep the batter round as I dropped it in, so the beignets came out all shapes and sizes.

Kasey was just about to get a turn to drop the batter in our frying pan, when we realized we made a mistake….

We were using a plastic spoon to get the beignets out of the pan, and the oil was so hot, as you can see, it began to melt our spoon!

Sadly, we noticed a lot plastic flakes floating around in our frying pan. And we had used the last bit of our oil, so we couldn’t dump it out and start over. It was a bummer, and we had to toss out our second batch, but the first batch was unscathed.

We were determined to still enjoy the beignets, so we put some sugar on our treat.

…and made a little bit of coffee.

And we enjoyed eating the fruit of our labor!

Our takeaways:

- Don’t use a plastic spoon when frying.

- Try 3 eggs instead of 4 for the batter (they tasted a little “eggy”, as Kase called it).

- When we begin to fry, make sure the temperature of the oil is stable, not rising higher.

Because of the plastic spoon debacle, we have left-over batter, so we will get some more oil tonight and try again!

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