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New Baby heading into a New Year

A lot has happened for my budding family over the past two weeks. First, we welcomed Jane Elanor into the Myers' home, born at 4:09 PM on Monday, November 15, 2021. She is beautiful. I love being a dad more each day. This little one has not taken an ounce of our hearts from Emmett, but has grown our hearts to love both of them so much.

We had family come to help with Jane and celebrate Thanksgiving. It was so good to see them all. After moving away from family for school, it was refreshing to spend time with loved ones and share the excitement of a new little one. We are grateful for family that loves our kids well.

I ran a 5K turkey trot with my fellow gobblers on Thanksgiving morning. The race has been going on for 16 years in Wake Forest. Honestly, I expected there to be only few hundred people there, but it looked like there might have been closer to 1,000! The large crowds and the fact that it was a timed "race" gave me enough adrenaline to forget about how cold it was outside. Of course, running helped that too. It was a good way to start a day full of food, family and football. As a committed Cowboys fan, I was disappointed with their loss! Hopefully we will get back on track next this Thursday.

Now we are on to life with two kids on our 0wn for the first time. The routines will change. Kasey and I are actively praying for the Lord's wisdom and grace as we venture into the challenge of parenting two children now. Being a parent has made me pray more in my life than anything else before. God is the perfect Father. I want to learn from him how to be a father. The responsibility of parenting only feels more real and more serious with Jane here. It is game time; there is no more messing around. Emmett and Jane are gifted and entrusted to me and Kasey by the Lord--we must be faithful to the calling. By his grace and strength alone will our work produce fruit in their lives. We pray for them to know Christ and glorify him with their lives. Lord, give us wisdom and Christ-likeness toward our children! That is our prayer.

All this newness--and especially a new little girl--has me thinking about what I want my life to be about. What do I want to accomplish? I desire to serve Jesus for his own glory. I want to love my wife like Christ has loved me, and father my children the way the Father has fathered me. I want to do the work God has put before me with excellence and diligence and passion out of love for him and love for others. I want to be healthy for his sake, disciplined and self-controlled as the New Testament teaches us to be. As Christmas and the New Year come around, it is a time to consider the past and look forward to what comes next. For me, it is being a diligent man of the house and a diligent student in the classroom and a diligent worker in the office. I was reminded recently to ask whether I am intentionally doing things in life that will lead me to these goals. At times I have failed, but I am reminded of a quote I love from Winston Churchill:

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."

So by God's grace I will take the next step forward in marriage, in fatherhood, and as a worker and a student, and ultimately as a Christian who is part of the body of Christ.

Christmas season is here, and I could not be more excited to start family traditions. The semester is winding down, and we will have a school-break (but not a learning break!) until January. We have the decorations up, an Advent devotional ready to go, and Christmas music for the record player. The Myers' family is excited for special attention given to Jesus' Incarnation. He, though being God, humbled himself to the point of taking on human flesh as a baby. Jesus was Jane's size at one point. Even then he was truly God and truly man. He was so for our sake and for our salvation.

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