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New Directions

I have decided to try and make this blog a little more personal.

There are at least two reasons for this. This first is that it is just easier. It is difficult to consistently create content that is helpful to others and centers around some idea or principle or truth. I do enjoy writing about truth and theology and books and principles for reading, but limiting myself to those kinds of posts shackles me to the time and space and ability I have to generate good ideas consistently. And lets be honest, I am still young and immature in too many ways to have consistently good ideas. I still will shoot for it when the ideas come. But it will be easier to keep writing if I open up my options a little bit. And it will be more enjoyable for both me and you.

Secondly, I was persuaded recently that many blogs have their value in the author's sharing of their life with readers. Some of my favorite blogs are those that give me a closer glimpse into the life of the blogger. Writers aren't just word-processors, operating impersonally as they dictate sentence after sentence on the screen. No, each writer is a living soul who has their own life experiences and interests that do inform their writing, but that make them so much more than just an author or blogger. Seeing this in other writers has made me realize I need to see that in myself too. There is more to me than just my pleasure in reading and writing. I have other loves and concerns too. Lets let the worlds overlap a little.

So cheers to my first more personal post. Here are some life updates.

My family is settled in Wake Forest, North Carolina. We moved here from Texas back in January of this year. "We" includes my wife, Kasey, and our son Emmett. In less than a month, we will have a fourth to add to "we"--Jane. We are eager for her to be here! The Lord has blessed our family in so many ways. The move has been smooth and good for our family identity. There have been difficulties, that is true. But we have seen the Father's faithfulness at every turn. We have made dear friends and been reunited with old ones. We have joined a church that loves us well and challenges us to love and look like Christ. We are growing as a married couple, as parents, and as a family in general, learning in both the good times and the hard. We are also loving the fall weather here in NC, something that doesn't really exist in our Texas homeland.

I am in my second semester of seminary and could not be more thankful for the Lord bringing us here and for my family's sacrifice to allow me to be a student. I love to learn, and am learning so much. My favorite courses so far are no surprise--Church History and Greek. I am also in the midst of a degree change. After prayer and thought and sought-out counsel, we think the new degree will be better suited for where we are headed. Overall, school is stretching me and growing me. Kasey has actually just finished a class herself too. I am proud of her.

Running, writing, and coffee-making round out my recent interests. These topics are sure to make appearances as I infuse personal posts. Kasey's interests have centered around her creativity as a chef and a baker and a vanilla-latte maker, coupled with nesting in prep for Jane, being a hospitable host to friends, and being a strong pillar with Emmett at home during the week while I am in the office. Emmett's interests have been repeating all the words we say, crackers, waffles, sticks, and trucks. Jane's interest has been making mom and dad eager for her first breath in the world!

The Myers' are doing well. By God's grace we are learning and growing.

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