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Winter Reading

This is the last week of Fall classes, and next week is finals week. Adding a new child to the family is a good reason to put a halt to the normal study routine, but now it is time to kick it back in gear and get some extra studying in. I have three finals to take between now and next Wednesday. Even as the semester winds down, I am thinking about how to best use the assignment reprieve to touch other subjects. Here is what I plan on reading between the end of this Fall semester and the beginning of the Spring Semester. Things may change, but its always good to start with a plan. Deo volente!

  • The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch. My family has grown and I need wisdom to lead it well. This book will be a good resource as Kasey and I think through the overlap of technology and parenting. Things are changing faster than parents can react! I hope this will keep us proactive rather than reactive in our parenting.

  • The Expected One by Scott James. This is a family devotional for the season of Advent we will start going through tomorrow. Christmas is about more than gifts and family, it is about Jesus Christ's taking on of human flesh for our sake and for our salvation. We should consider this year-round. But the season of Advent, leading up to Christmas, is a great time for focused attention on the birth of "'Immanuel' (which means, God with us)" (Matt. 1:23).

  • 1 John by the Apostle John. The concept of language in general and the Greek language in particular continue to excite me. 1 John has the most basic Greek of any book in the New Testament, so it is where most people start when they begin to learn the language. I will try to work my way through it over the next month or so in my personal time with the Lord. Dr. Plummer's "Daily Dose of Greek" will be a good resource along the way. I have already worked through the first chapter and been blessed by God's word. A few years ago I took Greek and sadly didn't work hard to learn it well and keep it up. But the second time seems to be a charm. I plan to take Greek 3 in the Spring, so reading 1 John will keep me learning and sharp as the next course begins.

  • Reformed Dogmatics: Prolegomena by Herman Bavinck. I am taking a course in the Spring called Foundations in Theological Method. The idea is to ask whether doing theology is possible, if it is relevant, and if so, how one goes about determining what is true theologically, and doing it in a way that is faithful to Scripture. This book will help prime my mind for the topic. I have always wanted to read through Bavinck's four-volume Reformed Dogmatics, so it is a good excuse to read the first volume. It also ties in tangentially with the third class I plan to take in the Spring: Calvin and the Reformed Tradition.

  • German Quickly by April Wilson. Okay, so this one is ambitious. I hope to have studied at least three languages by the time I graduate with my master's--Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and German. Greek and Hebrew are offered as courses in my degree, but German is neither required or available for me. If I want to learn it, I will have to do it on the side. I certainly won't get through this entire grammar, but I will start working through it along with some help from Duolingo. We have some dear friends from Germany, too, who have allowed me to ask random questions about the language over the past few months. There will also be a theological German reading group starting up next semester I hope to join. Lord willing, I hope to do Latin one day too. All of these will be a benefit if I am able to do a PhD one day. Even if I only make a small dent into the language, I know it will be rewarding and beneficial for the future.

I never want to stop being a learner. Just because classes are over doesn't mean the learning stops. I am trying to be the best Christian, the best husband, the best Father, the best student, the best worker I can be. I fail constantly. But I will continue to prayerfully try. Reading plays a big part, in my opinion, in the striving. I am learning that it is God's Spirit that gives us the ability to exert righteous effort. I am praying for that fuel from him in my studies. A short prayer I have prayed consistently over the past couple months is this:


Help my mind to be sharp,

my heart to be engaged,

and my will to be motivated by

your grace and glory.


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